Vilma Pinenoff (FI)

Vilma Pinenoff (FI) — ’The femme fatale’ (2018) from series Images of Women

My ongoing project ‘Images of women’ questions the archetypes of femininity and their representation. I am interested in power structures related to the notion of gender, and through my work I wish to create scenarios that invite the viewer to imagine the familiar female roles perhaps in a new way.

I use images cut out from womens magazines, and turn them into something else. In my own way, I ‘recycle’ photography so that I create a new meaning for an image that had another meaning in its previous context, the magazine.
By transforming the image, not only I question the original meaning of the image, but also its authors intentions, and consequently, also its consumers. The question is: Who makes the image (of a woman)?

The post-metoo female identity appears fragmented, and it is precisely this fragmentation and change that I want to use as a possibility to break free from the norms and restrictions so often related to a woman and her image. By making images that are maybe absurd and somehow funny, I refuse to take seriously the given ‘nice and well-behaved’ role traditionally reserved for women.