The billboard project is the idea and concept developed by the Danish visual artist Hanne Lise Thomsen. The project is launched in collaboration with curator Lise Grüner Bertelsen and graphic designer Jeanne Betak. The current website was launched on September 18, 2020 and was developed by Ida Elisabeth Jensen.

Hanne Lise Thomsen (b.1951) was educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Art, Schools of Visual Arts, Copenhagen (1973–77), and School of Media Arts (1983–85). Her work as a visual artist focuses on dialogue with the surrounding society, using urban spaces as widely accessible platforms for site-specific temporary projects that address both social and political issues. Over recent decades her long-standing commitment to large-scale photography projects in public space has earned her numerous honorary art awards and public commissions.


Lise Grüner Bertelsen (b.1988) is a freelance curator, writer and assistant editor at Really Simple Syndication Press, SixtyEight Art Institute‘s independent publishing arm. Since 2017 she has been a member of the artistic-research group The Winter Office. She holds an MA in Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen, and lives and works in Copenhagen.


Jeanne Betak is a graphic and book designer specialized in developing and formulating contemporary publications and catalogues. Since 1996, she has produced a wide range of publications in collaboration with artists, architects, musicians, writers, editors and curators. Each time giving form and context to visual layouts based on a honed process of research, listening, and dialogue in each collaboration. Betak lives and works in Copenhagen.


Ida Elisabeth Jensen (b.1989) is a freelance graphic designer working with web design, print and visual identities in arts, culture and publishing. Ida co-founded the small press Tacet in 2017 focusing on artist books, with work exhibited at Wiels Art Book Fair (Bruxelles, BE) and SixtyEight Art Institute (Copenhagen) in 2019. She holds an MA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School for Design, and lives and works in Copenhagen.