Jeanne Betak (DK)

Jeanne Betak (DK) — Women First

Önce kadın (Women first)

Location: Värnamo, Småland, Sweden, 2020

Private spaces establish security as a framework for the questions and answers we as humans always share in the encounter with the other: Life change, peace, success, health, crossroads , dangers, and happiness are at the cross-roads of this encounter. With attention to that which is intimate – the confidential experience: Love and relationships; money and prosperity; future events; home and family.

The photograph is associated with the Scandinavian realistic tradition and as a pastiche over Anna Ancher’s painting An old woman reads her newspaper from 1916 – where we see a woman absorbing knowledge.

For a Danish reader, the article title (in the image) will make sense as an extra layer of intent rendered in the image. The article deals with an in-depth interview with Inger Støjberg’s former lawyer, who as a main witness during the trial has a divergent view of a Støjberg memo.