Hilde Honerud (NO)

Hilde Honerud (NO) — "The Contrast Between the Photographed Moment and All Others" (2020)

The work consists of a series of photographs from several visits to Lesvos, Greece and Moria camp, Europe’s probably worst refugee camp. The images show refugees involved in sporting activities hosted by the organization Yoga and Sports for Refugees. 

Yoga and Sports for Refugees was founded during the Mediterranean humanitarian crisis. The organization uses sports to help people find dignity and meaning in difficult times, and to stimulate the mental and physical strength required to survive the monotony, frustration and stagnation of their present situation.⁠

YSFR have many different classes; yoga, swimming, wrestling, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, kickboxing, parkour, bodybuilding and boxing. ⁠

BILLBOARD LOCATION: BEŞİKTAŞ MEYDAN –Yıldız’dan İnönü Stadı’na gidiş