Beathe C. Rønning (NO)

Beathe C. Rønning (NO)

Schoolbread are sweet, yeast rolls with custard, icing and shredded coconut. They are a typical, norwegian treat from the 1900. Since medio March 2020, I have made 200 untouched Skolebrød, meaning “School bread”. I have become a master at both making them and eating them. I have also forced them in large quantities onto neighbours and passers by. It was the one activity I was motivated to do. 

As I baked my latest batch I realized the amount, and understood what my role would be in, say, a war. I assure you, it is not because I am a kind person, but because I am desperate for connection and serving some kind of purpose in society. 

Since they are named School Bread, and whenever we had any money, we bought them at the bakers after school to celebrate another accomplished day – and since the name contains ‘bread’, we could pretend that they were real food, not just comfort food. 

They are now sold in gas stations, supermarkets and in bakeries. They cost about half of a Big Mac. School bread are a guilty pleasure, somewhat childish, and not a treat you will find in blogs or books about Scandinavian Cuisine. But they are delicious!